Monday, August 25, 2008

Blue Moon - Where it really starts going down hill

Warning - Spoilers if you haven't read the Anita Blake Books by Laurell K Hamilton

I just finished Blue Moon Book 8 of the Anita Blake series, the part of the series where things start getting trashy. Burnt Offerings – Book 7, had Anita in a sexual relationship with Jean-Claude, but her powers involving sex are just starting to evolve… nothing too incredibly skanky yet. The Killing Dance (which I guess is suppose to be a synonym for sex)– Book 6 pretty much ends with Anita running to Jean-Claude – and his bed. So in case you are wondering, book 6 is where it all begins, but Book 8 is where it really starts to get slutty.

So Anita goes to save Richard who is accused of raping some chick - he's innocent, but there is a big plot involving trolls, rich people, a demon, and bad cops that don't want to let Richard free. The vampire of that territory and his people are afraid and pissed off at Anita for coming and not all the werewolfs of the area can be trusted either.
A few members of her entourage give her the hots, Raini possesses her and initiates a "whoever has sex with me first wins" ritual that luckily Richard wins... Anita finds out that sex binds her, Richard, and Jean-Claude closer, and she wants control over what's happening. Anita again, does something that no one is able to do and she is healing at a remarkable rate.
It’s a shame that these books had to be turned into some bad erotica because like many others, I enjoyed them.

I am slightly confused by the cover art for this book in the different countries - lets take a look:

I like the Hungarian version again - might like it better if there wasn't the weird lighted boob:

The cover's nice, and I may be wrong, but I don't recall a single bird/feather/down pillow in this book:

What the hell?

Who died from an ax wound on a bean bag? There wasn't an ax in the story either - not sure how they came up with this one:

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Jackie Ballway said...

THANK YOU!! I had pinpointed The Killing Dance as when Anita went horribly, horribly awry. I'm glad I'm not the only one. You know, I love Richard and Jean-Claude more than any of her lovers (I can't stand Nathaniel), but I kind of wish she would have stuck to her plan to kill Jean-Claude in Circus of the Damned. Come to think of it, I think that's where it started going bad. She went soft and saved him.

Sorry, I'm judgemental today. : )